Sometimes the hardest part about getting in shape is just getting started. Here at Swoll for Life, we know the struggle. We personally started our journey from scratch. We tried every gym routine, supplement, bro science fad of the month until we finally found the ones that actually work. One of us almost died from a juice cleanse gone terribly wrong. Along the way, we coined the phrase “Swoll for Life” which is the mantra that keeps us going and motivated. We started this website to pass on the knowledge and insight that we gained on this journey.

Lots of people gave us professional advice for free and this is our sincere attempt to pay it forward. Our intent is to provide the content that is important for the average person to reach their potential (see our article on crossfit supplements as an example). We also want you to look good while doing it. You will likely notice that much of the site is tailored around Crossfit, which we found to be the most efficient and fun strength and conditioning program out there. As anyone familiar with Crossfit will tell you, one of the best things about it is the community and here at Swoll for Life we’ll give you the cheat sheet to fit in right away.